Sunday, March 25, 2007

10 things I love about cats

  • cats like staying home
  • cats hate to get their legs wet
  • cats sleep a lot
  • the way cats bend their legs under their head when they are having a nap
  • when cats want to go thru a closed door they look at the door and not at you
  • cats make you understand very well when they are deliberately ignoring you
  • cats are shy with people they don't know
  • cats don't like children
  • cats don't learn anything from humans (stupid tricks etc...)
  • cats think humans are stupid (I'm pretty sure about this)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Breakfast in NYC

Here I am.
My first week of work in Manhattan is gone and I'm having my Saturday morning's breakfast at my apartment: a tall hot black coffee (really good) and a cake from the nearby Starbucks coffee shop.

Unfortunately, during this first busy week here I had no time to visit New York, even if I did some nice walks around this amazing city and I really enjoyed staying here: a great thank to the people of the AI crew (the company for which I'm working for, on an OFBiz based project), that did their best to make me feel like I was home.
I'm going to stay in Manhattan for other two weeks and I'll soon add new posts about NY in the next few days.
Now I go for a walk northward in the 5th Avenue :-)