Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Biggest Pizza in Town

I perfectly understand the great risk of being Italian and declaring that I like pizza: there are so many commonplaces about italian people around, and the one about our love for pizza and pasta is definitely one in the top ten list of them.

By the way, yesterday my girlfriend Silvia and I had dinner in a nice pizzeria in Padova: their pizzas are very good and probably the biggest that you can find in town... have a look at the picture Silvia took: how could we dislike this?


I'd like to publicly state here that, even if I'm Italian (and I like pizza):
  • I'm not a latin lover (I'm a rather shy person)
  • I don't dress with particularly smart clothes
  • I'm not fat
  • I don't have many children (I have no children at all)
  • I'm not religious (nor I think that St. Gennaro could play any special role in my life)
  • I don't play mandolin
  • I don't have affiliations with mafia

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Haven't you black mustaches?

Funiculì, funiculà,

PS: where is that nice pizzeria?