Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A vote for A

During the last weekend, the Italian parliamentary elections were finally held after a very harsh political campaign.
The center-left coalition led by Romano Prodi won a narrow victory (25,000-vote margin out of 38 million votes cast) against the conservative party led by the billionaire Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
Though the Interior Ministry has approved vote totals, Berlusconi refused to concede defeat and has already called for a recount of the Chamber of Deputies votes (43,028 had been disputed).

Let's see what will happen in this struggle for power... as usual, I'm calm because I know that no one will ever rule thanks to my vote:


Gianugo Rabellino said...

You do know how bringing photo equipment in the voting booth and taking a picture is a serious felony, don't you?

Jacopo said...


yes I know it. However I did not take that picture: a guy found it (and sent it to me) using a peer-to-peer software; I'm not even sure the picture is real or fake (it seems real however). That said, do you think that it is a problem also publishing it?

Andrea said...

You're always the same... ;-)

Even if the center-left coalition is no attractive at all, Silvio Berlusconi was a Prime Minister who had a very criticizable moral conduct. I dream a country where cunning is not the best quality possible in a man...

I think that the real problem in Italian political scene is that Berlusconi and Prodi (and many others protagonists) are the same candidates of 1994. This is very sad.

I'm always lefty (as Ned Flanders!).