Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Countdown to ApacheConUS 2008 - 1 month

The ApacheCon US 2008 is getting closer, minus one month to go: November 3-7, New Orleans.
This year, OFBiz will be an important part of the Conference and there will be several training sessions and presentations about this amazing Open Source ERP software.
And the company I work for, HotWax Media, is a Platinum Sponsor of the event, and will play a big role in this.
From this page you will find the links to the sessions I am going to hold.

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Shane Curcuru said...

Thanks for the post - and we're definitely looking forward to having a lot of the vibrant OFBiz community attending ApacheCon! I hope we can get folks going back and forth between all the tracks to get the communities more integrated.