Wednesday, July 09, 2008

HotWax Media @ ApacheCon US 2008

Here we are... ApacheCon US 2008 has been officially announced by the Apache Software Foundation:

press release
registration and details

ApacheCon US 2008 will be held 3 November through 7 November in New Orleans, Louisiana.
I am going to participate at the conference, where I will do a presentation and probably also part of the 2 days training at the OFBiz Symposium: I will post more information about this event soon.
Most of all I am proud to work for HotWax Media, one of the main sponsors of the event:

ApacheCon US 2008 Sponsors

"With world leading technology companies such as Google, Hewlett-Packard, Hippo, Hotwax Media, IONA, Linux Magazine, SpringSource, and Yahoo! sponsoring this year's gathering of Open Source users, enthusiasts and vendors, ApacheCon US 2008 has ensured that it continues its mission to encourage the uptake and development of Open Source software through raising awareness and generating public interest."

This is going to be my very first ApacheCon... and I really hope to meet you all in New Orleans.


David N. Welton said...

Cool - congratulations, on both counts!

Ashish Vijaywargiya said...


Very good contents.
I am sure that there might be lots of topics till Nov.

Thanks for sharing this link with us :-).

Ashish Vijaywargiya