Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why French don't like Italian people: love songs

Italy and France are very close countries, but between French people and Italian there is not a huge feeling: French are usually very critic with Italians and they are very good in spotting all our defects... however they are not so good in spotting out their own ones; on the other hand Italian people consider French people boring and arrogant.

But all in all, who can really blame the French people for not loving the Italian ones? Just watch at this two videos, two love songs: "Quelqu'un m'a dit" by Carla Bruni for France and "Ricominciamo" by Adriano Pappalardo for Italy... Pappalardo... the name alone would be enough to justify them!
The two songs are about the same subject, the two artists both miss a person that they used to love; but they treat the subject in totally different ways.

Just look at the grace, politeness, the measure and sweetness of the beautiful Carla Bruni:

and the histrionic, ugly and noisy Adriano Pappalardo:

PS: this post is just a joke, I like playing with commonplaces. I have some good friends from France, and I don't think they are boring and arrogant! And Pappalardo is not really loved in Italy too.


Anonymous said...

Well, don't you know that Carla Bruni is italian???

So it's not a matter of french/italian but probably more a matter of man/woman, or simply a matter of person!

PS: I'm french :-)

Jacopo said...

First of all, thank you for your comment, Sylvain, and welcome to this blog!

Well... I think that Carla Bruni's father is Italian while her mother is French, but I am sure that she considers herself totally French.

By the way, don't you agree with me that she is much more French than Italian? :-)

Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia (I also checked the french and italian versions), her parents are both Italian, and moved to France when Carla was 5 because of fear of the Red Brigades.

So let's say she is a french woman with an italian culture :-)

But whatever nationality, Carla and her songs are beautiful!

Jacopo said...

Yeah, you are 100% right... her parents are both Italian and she is beautiful.

Adrian said...

I am a little late in posting but after reading this, this is totally not true. Having lived in France (me being of partial Italian descent), the French do nothing but praise Italy for their history, culture and cuisine. Many French frequent Italy, and both northern and southern Italy have strong French/Norman heritage, and vice versa as 10 percent of white French have some Italian ancestors!

Anonymous said...

Carla Bruni's parents are Italians but her maternal grandmother was French! I saw and interview with her where she talked about her family and why she chose French citizenship over Italian.

PALLONI said...

I Totally agree with what Adrian said and think that both countries have a lot in common with regard to music ,fashion and the food. I heard the saying that the Brits tend to fend off more the French for Historical traditional reasons .You read about Catherine Spak one of the,ready steady girls spent most of her career in Italy as a singer and she was French born

PALLONI said...

l totally Agree with what Adrian said, both countries have a lot in common with regard to music ,fashion , and the food , and both the language of romance.