Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summary of Main new features in OFBiz - July

Here is the summary of the most interesting features developed in July 2008 by the Apache OFBiz open source project's community:

My Page:
  • New application currently under development and is now fairly complete. This component shows all information for a specific user such as personal email, project tasks assigned, timesheet and company events such as holidays.

Party Component:
  • Enhanced the communication event screens and created specific forms for emails and internal notes.
  • created the possibility to create Customer requests from incoming emails which allows the import into the project manager component where request can be converted into project tasks
  • When emails come into the system and the email is not known, a form is added which allows the quick creation of new parties. Also has a bulk delete button to delete incoming spam.

Order Component:
  • Enhanced the Customer request screens and changed them according the OFBIz interface standards.
  • Implemented returns of purchase orders to suppliers

  • Added support for default entity-group for entities: now, if an entity belongs to the org.ofbiz group, there is no need to explicitely specify this

All Components:
  • a bunch of Beanshell scripts have been converted to Groovy scripts
  • removed all the, no more needed after recent enhancement, entity-group.xml files

As usual, you can see the full list of new features here.

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